We are witnessing a digital revolution with millions of web users watching short films as they become the standard communication tool promoting values, culture and business ethics. From music videos to politics, short films are the medium of choice to communicate ideology, vision, style and much more. What better way to do it than through the unlimited potential of visual storytelling? For a long time short films have been the underdog of the film industry but because of the lack of funds available to new filmmakers and the revolution of the digital filmmaking era they are rapidly becoming a medium more meaningful, widely and readily watched and with greater cultural significant and emotional intensity than many Hollywood movies themselves.

Wednesday with Goddard

Silly, absurdist, but nonetheless meticulous, Wednesday With Goddard is Menard’s latest film, and was awarded as the top animation at SXSW last week. Featured in the the second edition of the Late Night Work Club anthology project, our esteem for the film is so high that we’re recommending it as a stand alone film too. he complexity of simplicity is a challenge for all designers, and few in the animation and motion design space have more effectively met that challenge than Nicolas Ménard. His minimalist style demands precision—every line, every beat, needs economy and purpose.

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