American Film Movement

The American Independent Movement sprang from the small “art houses” of a few major American cities and became a presence in American public culture. The key filmmakers of the moment saw themselves as challengers to the hegemony of Hollywood, eschewing entertainment—fantasy, pleasure, happy endings—and offering instead harsh and “edgy” stories about life in contemporary society.

To Die For

The movie that would be described as ‘Kidman’s moment’. In a post Cruise-divorce starring role, prior to the Oscar nod for ‘Moulin Rouge’ and ultimate win for ‘The Hours’ Kidman was able to step out of the shadows cast by the meaningless roles as nagging wives and token girlfriends that Hollywood deemed her worthy of and step sure footedly back into a part that would showcase her versatility and the star quality she displayed on her home turf in roles such as the terrorized lone woman trapped on a yacht with a raging psychopath in ‘Dead Calm’ or the seductive teenage vixen in ‘Flirting’.

The ultimate indie guru Gus van Sant stepped away from his laid back odd-ball style and cast Kidman as weather girl turned murderess Suzanne Stone in a razor sharp, blackly comic and occasionally harrowing tale of perhaps the most ruthlessly ambitious and charmingly misguided of anti-heroines to have hit the screen and the determination of her victim’s family to find retribution for their fallen son. Also boasts terrific early supporting roles from Oscar winners Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck.

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