Thin, Brittle, Mile

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Thin, Brittle, Mile is the story of brothers Luke and Tyler Dearlove who travel to the remote sparsely populated Skidaway Island searching for their missing sibling. The brothers soon garner the sense that something is terribly wrong on the island their inquiries, which stir up the most insidious of hornets nests, are greeted at first with shrouded suspicion, then with open hostility followed by blunt threats and harassment and finally escalating violence.

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The conflict on the island echoes parallels in the brother’s relationship, Luke, a former soldier, physically unscathed but psychologically damaged by the savages of war, battles on in quiet rage, while Tyler ursine and bombastic, seems to fit in more with the islanders after sharing one night of drinking than he does with the brother with whom he has shared a lifetime. However, as events on the island spiral into more sinister murderous events Tyler has no choice but to realize that what his brother has become is a result of all he has endured, and that war itself is no longer confined to distant shores, but, in this day and age, can touch the ordinary man, in any place, at any time and savage him in every way.

Current Status

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Producer, Katharine Collins, Matthew Weston
Director, Katharine Collins

Director Biography

Katharine started feature film production company Wild Frontier Productions and made her first feature 'A Dying Breed' in 2008. Dismayed and frustrated by the lack of opportunities for, and the inherent obstacles presented to, independent filmmakers Katharine started The British Filmmakers Alliance in 2013. The British Filmmakers Alliance is a non profit organisation supporting independent filmmakers and actors with a commitment to spearheading change and creating our own platforms which will have a positive and far reaching benefit for us all. We have grown to 2,500 members since our formation.

Director Statement

‘Thin, Brittle, Mile’ was written with former Royal Engineer, Matt Weston, who is the most severely injured soldier currently to have survived any British conflict. The story is intended to carry the plight of the lonely believer in a world beyond belief and reinforce the message that many soldiers’ greatest battles are on their return home. Although set in the form of a thriller, it is also a tribute to the countless soldiers who’ve battled in various conflicts on other shores and battle still, once returned to their homeland. ‘Thin, Brittle, Mile’ hopes to offer vindication of the little known truth that there is no such thing as an uninjured solder.
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