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In the cool breezes of a late summer afternoon, with the first touches of autumn hanging her chill promises in the air two men meet. The encounter has all the stilted awkwardness and discomfiture present whenever strangers come together for the first time, but for these two individuals politeness, disappointment, and banal chitchat is a mild distraction to the deeper and more sinister layers of their agenda. For, unlike the countless victims of the murderous, the perverted and the insane, rotting in their secret graves, excused from their fate by youth or naivety, the younger of the two men has come to meet his killer, not by chance, but by desire, not by misfortune but by design.

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Producer, Katharine Collins
Director, Katharine Collins

Director Biography

Katharine started feature film production company Wild Frontier Productions www.wildfrontierproductions.com and made her first feature 'A Dying Breed' in 2008. Dismayed and frustrated by the lack of opportunities for, and the inherent obstacles presented to, independent filmmakers Katharine started The British Filmmakers Alliance in 2013. www.britishfilmmakersalliance.com. The British Filmmakers Alliance is a non profit organisation supporting independent filmmakers and actors with a commitment to spearheading change and creating our own platforms which will have a positive and far reaching benefit for us all. We have grown to 2,500 members since our formation.

Director Statement

Aiming for a return to the auteur theory and provoke a taste for more challenging, daring and diverse films ‘Misadventure’ aims to take audiences on a dizzying dance through the twisted maze of its many dark corners.
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