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I love British Films. I love the feel of them. From their quirky strangeness to their sobering reality, their black humour to their sometimes dark sinister slants. I lived in America for many years and whenever a British film came on it felt like coming home. I remember as a child a series by Anglia Television called ‘Best of British’ wherein the greats of British Cinema would be celebrated, analysed and discussed. The show would always close with soul stirring montages; Laurence Olivier in gleaming armour atop a proud horse, Sherlock Holmes striding through a swirl of white mist that clung to his ankles, Julie Christie reaching a desperate hand through a Venetian gate, breathing the world ‘darling’ to her soon to be murdered husband, Richard E Grant, hammering out an impassioned soliloquy, drenched in whisky and ruin, Kenneth Williams nostrils flaring, Barbara Windsor bra flinging. A mishmash of iconic moments which embodied all that was glorious and great about our nation’s celluloid masterpieces. Enjoy a few of my favourite here.


BAFTA nominated ‘Kajaki: The True Story’ follows a small unit of British soldiers positioned on a ridge overlooking the Kajaki Dam in Helmand Province in 2006. Acclaimed across the board and declared as the ‘British Hurt Locker’ (Charles Gant, 'Heat'), never before has the brutality of war been so beautifully shot in this tense and powerful story of a three-man patrol unit who sets out to disable a Taliban roadblock. Faced with unimaginable terrain and miles from home, this band of brothers end up in a dried out river bed where one of their unit detonates a land mine, resulting in life changing injuries. Confronted with adversity, the rest of the unit does what they do best; they do not give in. Setting in motion a desperate and determined rescue mission, where time is against them if they are going to survive the aftermath of this deadly mine strike. From the BAFTA & Academy Award Winning producer of ‘The King’s Speech’, ‘Kajaki the True Story' ‘… may well be the best war film ever made’

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