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Age of Descent is a multi strand story following the lives of five teenagers and their young teacher at an average suburban school. It follows the pain, hopes, joy, fear and despair of these six lives as they each travel their own life journeys and cross each other’s universes. The story begins with news filtering through and the sadly familiar footage of another teenager lost to knife crime. Jump back to the beginning of that term and we pick up and begin to follow the lives of five very different children, and their teacher, knowing one is destined to become lost to a statistic and have their life and future stolen far too young and much too soon.

Current Status

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Producer, Katharine Collins
Director, Katharine Collins

Director Biography

Katharine started feature film production company Wild Frontier Productions and made her first feature 'A Dying Breed' in 2008. Dismayed and frustrated by the lack of opportunities for, and the inherent obstacles presented to, independent filmmakers Katharine started The British Filmmakers Alliance in 2013. The British Filmmakers Alliance is a non profit organisation supporting independent filmmakers and actors with a commitment to spearheading change and creating our own platforms which will have a positive and far reaching benefit for us all. We have grown to 2,500 members since our formation.

Director Statement

Age of Descent was initiated in response to the unprecedented number of knife related crimes, street violence and murder and other issues of hostility, discord and psychological abuse, which have become so prevalent among youth culture in recent years. By thrusting the true life experiences and feelings of young people into the heart of the drama we’ve hoped to make the most powerful statement we can and provoke thought and debate and expose the deeper levels of the issue of knife crime and youth on youth violence in its tragic and shocking reality.
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